The new baby has arrived

My new iPad arrived this morning. I’ve been playing with it pretty much ever since. The display is sweet, and the ability to talk and have it type for me is even sweeter. It seems to have way fewer AutoCorrect problems.

See you all Sunday!



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Do you really want to make me cry?

Apparently my brother and SIL did.

I came home today from having breakfast with a friend to find two boxes awaiting me on the front porch. When I opened them I found that they were full of fabric, quilt pieces and works that were in progress when my mother passed away. There’s an Irish Chain that looks like it is about 90 percent pieced, a Drunkard’s Path that is sandwiched and ready to quilt, the ruffle that she decided not to put on my brother’s wedding quilt (from 1977), and a bunch of other stuff.

Some parts are hand pieced, some have some machine piecing on them. (My aunt may have taken those to work on after Mom passed). It’s really touching to be able to feel that connection with the women in my family.


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Kaleidoscope update

All of the columns in the kaleidoscope are now complete. Tomorrow, when the light is better for working on black fabric, I will trim up the columns and start sewing up the columns.

Gina's Kaliedoscope quilt in progress

The design wall as seen from a galloping horse

I should take a picture of the fabric this was before it was cut up and put back together.

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February 23, 2012 · 10:24 pm

Kaleidoscope woes

I’m making a kaleidoscope quilt. Pinned it up at the workshop and it seemed to be fine. Each of the 15 columns of pieces were taken down, in front of witnesses, in order.  A classmate pinned each column together in the order they needed to be sewn together. Each column was then separated by a paper plate and secured.

Sounds like as idiot-proof a plan as could possibly be. Right?


I understand how I managed to turn column 10 upside down, thereby sewing the pieces together exactly backwards. I can even imagine that it was theoretically possible for two of the packs of pieces could have mystically changed plates with each other. (which appeared to have happened)

But how did every other piece in column 1 need to be placed next to its partner in column 8?

Good thing I have a really great seam ripper.



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Gina and Carol and Sandy’s excellent adventure

Off we go to the quilt retreat. Currently Carol and I are waiting for Sandy at that fine dining establishment in Hempstead: McDonald’s

Turns out that there are two of them in that town. Yes, Sandy was waiting for us at the wrong other one.


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