I got obsessed with the yo-yo mostly because my friends kid me about liking them. So I made a couple.

These are about 1 inch in diameter. They are easy as pie to make, and they are just too darn cute.

Two too small yo-yos.

How it began.

Then a friend pointed out a pattern.

It looked really fun. Not quite as old fashioned and primitive as quilts that were made entirely from yo-yos. It could even be described as a bit elegant.

So I started making yo yo’s.   Got about 200 of them done, then looked at the pattern

They were too small.

Not just a little bit too small, like 40 percent too small.  And through the mathematical miracle of calculating an area, I realized that what would take 4 yo yos in the correct size would take 9 in the smaller size. So, the 900 of the little suckers that the pattern required would be over 2,000 in the new size.

quite a difference.

So, the solution I came up with:   I’m going to use the smaller ones for the edging, and make the larger ones for the body of the quilt. Yay!

Here’s the current container of yo-yos. They make me feel very happy.

a box of yo-yos.

a sample of the cuties.


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