Kaleidoscope woes

I’m making a kaleidoscope quilt. Pinned it up at the workshop and it seemed to be fine. Each of the 15 columns of pieces were taken down, in front of witnesses, in order.  A classmate pinned each column together in the order they needed to be sewn together. Each column was then separated by a paper plate and secured.

Sounds like as idiot-proof a plan as could possibly be. Right?


I understand how I managed to turn column 10 upside down, thereby sewing the pieces together exactly backwards. I can even imagine that it was theoretically possible for two of the packs of pieces could have mystically changed plates with each other. (which appeared to have happened)

But how did every other piece in column 1 need to be placed next to its partner in column 8?

Good thing I have a really great seam ripper.



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2 responses to “Kaleidoscope woes

  1. So many options for disaster: helpful people, two edges/two seam options to each piece in a column, working in two locations. I’m pleased to hear that only column 10 is messed up. Next time put up the quilt backing first and pin the design to that and roll it up to transport and then open it up at your house. Nothing moves.

    Why is column 1 sewn to column 8?

    • and that is the real and true question, Diane. Especially since only half of the motifs go there. And upon closer inspection, a few other columns aren’t quite right. But onward I go, and by lunch I should have them all sewn together.

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